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Haircuts are designed to complement your facial structure and are tailored to each individual.


Hair color is chosen to draw out your eye color and enhance your skin tone.


Color pigmented or clear glazes give a glossy, enhanced finish to your hair color.

Color Correction

This complex process requires time and care to make alterations to existing hair color. A consultation is recommended prior to service.


Highlighting accentuates the lighter tones in your hair creating more contrast in the overall color.


Lowlighting is used to add depth to the overall color thus enhancing the natural pigment in the skin.


A freehand coloring technique that enhances your hair's natural movement. Highlights and lowlights are lightly brushed onto the hair creating dimensional color.


Protein treatments and deep conditioning masques are recommended to maintain healthy hair and prolong vibrancy and color. These are also used as essential ingredients/remedies for the rebuilding of damaged hair.


This is the ultimate finish that completes the hairstyle, or is a separate service unto itself.


This service is offered for weddings or special occasions. Two appointments are recommended (the first, to establish the desired style; the second, to recreate the chosen style on the day of the event. Makeup services can be requested.)